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The next generation of district energy heat and cooling networks

Superior lifecycle cost for district energy systems.

Compact, reliable and efficient heating and/or cooling of homes, offices, schools and hospitals, with a low carbon footprint. Proven in millions of installations worldwide. Why wait? There are only advantages to be had.

Efficient heating of homes

Efficient cooling of buildings 

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District heating

Many cities around the world with cooler climates are benefiting from district energy systems delivered through heat networks. The technology for this is relatively simple: hot water supplied by one or several centralized plants, is transported through a piping system to provide heating where it is needed - homes, offices, hospitals schools and factories. District heating systems provide a number of benefits that include lower carbon footprint and low lifecycle cost.

District heating case stories



District cooling

In cities with hotter climates, district energy systems are used to deliver cooling. As with district heating, the technology to deliver this is relatively simple. Cooling energy in the form of cold water is produced centrally and transported to customers via a closed circuit. And again as with district heating, this can be achieved with decreased carbon footprint, cost efficiently and reliably.

District cooling case stories

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Recommended District Energy products - Use SSP to choose the correct product



The B649 is ideal for district heating and cooling networks, HVAC, and industrial projects that need an efficient compact BPHE with close temperature approaches at high operating pressures. The big, one-phase B649 delivers PHE-like capacities without the wear and tear of parts. Most of the material…



The efficient B439 is designed for high heat transfer. It has two plate types, which can also be used together, suitable for a wide range of heating, cooling, and industrial applications. With 4″ connections it handles up to 156 m³/h (686 gpm) water flow.



The B120T has been specially developed to operate in demanding heating and industrial applications, typically water-water applications and oil coolers. The product has contributed to the rapid switch to BPHEs from traditional gasket plate heat exchangers and shell-and-tube solutions. It is widely…



The NEW B320HT envelope offers efficient solutions for many demanding applications, such as district heating, oil coolers and different industrial applications. This product is part of SWEP’s new range for larger capacities which offers a flexible thermal length through optimizing the plate…

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