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What are our employees saying?

People are our most important asset. That is why our goal is to employ people with above-average qualities who can help us fulfill our long-term objectives. We also aim to offer employees individualized development to enable them to progress to more advanced assignments.

We actively encourage employees by offering training, education, and new posts that develop them into professional and experienced people with an international outlook. And of course, we keep our employees continuously informed about our vision and targets.


SWEP employees include graduate engineers and economists, high-school graduates and postgraduates, Japanese and French people, analysts and practitioners. You'll encounter enormous variety, which forms the basis for an open, creative and, in many ways, unique working climate.

Are you prepared to take great personal responsibility? Will you risk taking on something you haven't done before? Do you want to be able to control and choose the direction of your personal development? In that case, you could go a long way with us, because the opportunities are unlimited.

Read what some of the people who've started work at SWEP have to say:

Sumer Evans
Market Communication Specialist

I started working as Customer Support at our sales office in SWEP North America in October 2002 while I was studying at Mercer University Stetson School of Business & Economics (Atlanta, Georgia). It was intended to be only a temporary job while I attended college. However, after I graduated with my Bachelors of Business Administration degree, I was given the opportunity to move to Sweden to work at our headquarters. I jumped at the wonderful opportunity and worked in Sweden for close to 2 years as Customer Support for Strategic Key Accounts.

I have gained much information and experience from working both within a HUB setting and at Head Office that has helped me to understand SWEP from many different aspects. From quoting a customer and receiving their order, to keeping up with the production of the order until it ships out the door and arrives at our end customer's location. This level of involvement can be very time-consuming at times, but can also be very fulfilling. I want our customers to be delighted and completely satisfied with the level of service they receive from SWEP, so I have always strived to make that happen!

I have also worked with various projects in our World Class Service program. I think it is extremely helpful to be able to bring in the insight I have from dealing directly and personally with customers when we are exploring ways of improving the level of service that we provide in every area. It is extremely important not only to know the expectations and needs of the customer, but also to be able to meet them!

I now work within our Sales Organization in the UK as Regional Manager. I feel incredibly lucky to work for such a great company like SWEP!


Utpal Naik
Business Engineer Team Manager

I find the culture and management encouraging exploring new growth avenues professionally and taking on more challenges at work.

SWEP has a unique work culture that stands out from other workplaces in being a global organization where I can connect, and exchange ideas with people from different and industries across continents. I have found numerous possibilities to grow and add new technical, sales, and management skills at SWEP. I find the culture and management encouraging exploring new growth avenues professionally and taking on more challenges at work. Furthermore, SWEP offers excellent work and life balance, which motivates me to continue perform better at my role.

I started in the position of Business Engineer for the North Eastern USA and Canada. Today, I have been promoted to the position of Business Engineer Team Manager.

The workplace at SWEP is unique amalgamation of European and traditional American work culture, which has enabled me to explore new avenues and made me independent in decision making. Management has always encouraged me to try new initiatives and provided supported and guidance where needed.

I challenge the workplace status quo in terms of asking why / why not as opposed to following the methodology of ‘ This is the way we have always done it’. I challenge the status quo by intiating a culture of openness, where providing opinions is encouraged. I also challenge the status quo by being agile and trying new methods / ideas and suggestions and pivoting to adapt and change the ideas to better suit our needs at SWEP.


Damir Nalic
Industrial Sales Manager

SWEP operates with a global footprint, but is in tune with the uniqueness of each market.  That means having the mindset to alter the approach based on where you are in the world, while still offering world-class products and solutions that drive change for the better.  I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also lived in Germany during my childhood, prior to moving to the US, so I think this global outlook really appealed to me. 

I graduated from Kennesaw State University (GA) with a degree in Sales and Marketing.  I have always been fond of the psychology of relationships, such as the interaction between a seller and prospective buyer.  Therefore, perusing a degree in that field was natural to me.  I am also, currently, in the process of my MBA degree which I firmly believe will help with my career aspirations within SWEP.  There are opportunities to advance your career aspirations with the backing and support of management, if you are open to broadening your outlook.  There are many challenges that can be found as well as possibilities to address the status quo and ask, “why not this way?”

Before moving to SWEP, I worked in the power transmission industry for an Italian company called Motovario and we provided gearboxes and motors that were used for various industries- moving conveyor belts, automated packaging, boatlifts and more.  My first role with SWEP was as Regional Sales Manager, covering the Southeast of the United States.  That journey started in 2015, and since then I have moved over to our Business Development group.  Within this part of the company, we tend to focus on conversion of other technologies as well as applications where the SWEP presence might not have been as strong as our core competencies.  I enjoy the opportunity to dive deeper into new segments to assess what is needed by the market, how SWEP can leverage our strengths to gain access while working with a wide range of SWEP departments to put forth the best value proposition.  

As the world is getting smaller in a sense, with advancements in technology and ways of doing business, SWEP continues to adapt and grow with the trend.  The entrepreneurial spirit is well and alive, as you tend to have freedom to develop and grow in many ways.  SWEP provides great learning experiences across cultures and departments as long as you are willing to look for it.  The SWEP culture understands that each customer or application is unique, and we approach our solutions in that fashion.  There are far reaching resources to utilize and colleagues willing to go the extra mile to help.  


Satoshi Miyahara
Business Engineer Team Manager Japan

I enjoy working in a company that wants to provide good products and support to our customers and I have a good content in my job. I started my career at SWEP in 2009 as a quality assurance engineer and after being a Business Engineer for some years I am Business Engineer Team Manager today. It has been a journey of learning different customer requirement variations and I have got support from most parts of the company like product management, quality, design and HR. We really need to communicate with a lot of people outside of Japan for ourselves and for the customer. As we are a true global company, we are using all channels there are such as email, Skype, phone and meetings.

We are cooperating internally to solve many different kinds of problems and sometimes it can be challenging. That is how we learn. Different in different positions and roles. In my last position as Business Engineer I learned a lot about different applications for our products and also how to face the customer.


Stanislav Kodus,
Engineering Manager Slovakia

Within engineering department, I have a big opportunity to influence the thinking about next steps in operation and I am challenging myself and people around me to not just think better but to try think differently.
I started as a process engineer for brazing and today, I am Engineering manager.
I like our culture where we are challenged to take the next step and at the same time it is accepted to do mistakes and learn from them. And I like to work with all the SWEP people around me.

To work on different positions allows me to learn new things, understand different perspectives of our business and a deeper understanding of connections between different areas.  

In the future, I want to work with groups of people local or global. I just enjoy learning new things and learn from my colleagues. Within the engineering department, I have a big opportunity to influence the thinking about next steps in operation and I am challenging myself and people around me to not just think better but to try think differently.
There is still places to improve in global cooperation, but I see we all are trying to be more supportive and finding new ways how to use this unique opportunity.


Maria Popjakova,
Demand Planning Manager EMEA

In my former work I was used to take care of hierarchy, and a lot or rules. Freedom in SWEP allows me to concentrate more on task instead of keeping the rules.
After 14 years of my carrier had passed, I felt the need for change and discovered SWEP – with a working environment completely opposite to what I experienced before. The introduced company image along with great feedback from one of my former colleagues gave me assurance that this is the place I want to continue. My current role is still rather new in SWEP and it is coming step by step into the colleagues’ mind to keep me informed about expected sales changes for both directions (winnings and losses). This helps me to improve myself in persistency.

SWEP culture may seem traditional for Nordic countries, though I would describe it like team-based oriented with employee engagement on all levels. In my former work I was used to take care of hierarchy, and a lot or rules. Freedom in SWEP allows me to concentrate more on task instead of keeping the rules.
I’m lucky to be in contact with all our business units. We are good in global thinking while our global acting can be still enhanced.


Jack Zang,
Plant Manager China

My reasons for working at SWEP is based on respect for people.
I started as a Press team supervisor in 2007 when SWEP Suzhou was opened. Today I am Plant Manager.
My reasons for working at SWEP is based on respect for people, the SWEP culture of focus on continuous improvement impresses me deeply and the friendly cooperation delivers a peaceful environment to me as well. Furthermore, we encourage employees to develop by taking challenges. To balance the work and family is another attractive reason to retain employees.

I have learned how to achieve the delegated target by organizing relevant resource precisely; how to develop the team in terms of business growth, how to create the plan by following company strategy plan and make sure the activities are in control.
Taking on challenges encourages me to improve my knowledge; methodology drives me to focus on root cause and therefore the trouble shooting is getting efficient. Respect for people guides me to develop the team based on both talent and business needs.

Culture difference is the biggest challenge when we develop SWEP culture to all. That means we need adopt different approach to launch SWEP culture in different locations.


Sam Cao,
Business Engineer Team Manager

My advice is to try to communicate with colleagues around you, and you will get help. Maybe you're not 100% ready, but it's better to start than to do nothing.
I joined SWEP in 2009 because of my career plan. After that, the company's culture, products and staff's enthusiasm for work have made me deeply believe that SWEP platform can stimulate my potential and enthusiasm for work. Under this platform, I may continue to extend beyond the comfort zone.
I started as the first product engineer in China and my current position is engineer team manager.
There are three things I have learned from my journey,

- Knowledge and experience of previous positions and contacts within company can help you adapt to new positions as quickly as possible.
- You should change your role as quickly as possible and enjoy the challenges and interesting things from your new position.
- To quickly figure out what you need to improve in your new role, be bold and follow the basic rules, and everything will be all right.
I think I will continue to develop in the sales market, but I want to make more contribution to and influence on the market strategy making for products and applications in SWEP China, even in Asia-Pacific and SWEP Global.

There are many opportunities for us to collaborate with our colleagues at our headquarter or other countries to complete some of the global customer projects, and the Application Management department at our headquarter is always providing us with application technology support, which makes me realize that we are a global company.