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Become our next SWEP dealer partner

Grow your business profitability
and challenge energy efficiency with us.

As a dealer, you are an extremely important contact both for us and for our customers. When time is critical and there is no time to waste on production hold-ups, our customers need someone close who can help provide the correct parts.

When you become a SWEP dealer, you are joining us as we strive to make the world’s energy usage more efficient and to contribute to a more sustainable world.

We are interested in dealers that have:

  • proven ability to actively develop BPHE business
  • ambitious targets for business turnover and growth
  • a high level of service to their customers
  • competence in business English

We offer a long-term profitable partnership/cooperation. We will support you, and will expect an active sales approach from you in return.

Contact us today to see how we can help each other in a profitable partnership.

When you join the SWEP Dealer Program

The SWEP dealer program is based on a three-stage classification, with higher mutual engagement increasing profitability for everyone.

Read more below about all the values you gain access to as a SWEP dealer:

Credibility of a leading brand

SWEP is a global brand and a leader in our business. SWEP stands for technical know-how, innovation-driven solutions, energy efficiency, and reliability. With SWEP in your portfolio, you will gain credibility and add brand equity to your business.

Availability through a global presence

SWEP has production in five locations on three continents to assure availability and adaptation to local conditions. Our many warehouses and established logistics network ensure fast and reliable deliveries. Standard products in stock can be shipped the same day. In addition, highly trained sales and technical support teams all over the world will support you and your customers whenever needed.

Widest BPHE range

SWEP has the most extensive BPHE product range, which opens up an array of exciting business opportunities to you. Our accessories portfolio makes it even easier to do business.

Leading innovation

SWEP´s R&D leads and drives the development of BPHE technology. Through your dealer partnership you get access to the latest solutions in the business.

Quality assurance through approvals

All SWEP BPHEs are approved by leading independent third-party international bodies. We also provide design approvals from several independent bodies, globally and locally.

Training and knowledge sharing

The SWEP Dealer Academy offers courses in many subjects and formats, from basic heat transfer to application and product knowledge, prospects for refrigerants outlooks, etc. Courses are conducted via physical meetings, webinars, and self-training.

Guidance on applications and BPHE selection

You will have access to SSP, the most extensive and accurate calculation and selection tool for choosing the right BPHE for your customer. Our application handbooks provide an extensive knowledge bank, and are accessible online. Alongside SSP, our quick selection guides are very helpful in simpler cases.

Marketing tools

SWEP will provide a range of tools to support your promotions: dealer info on swep.net, posters, brochures, newsletters, profile clothing, etc. Classification certificates and other icons, printed and digital, will also be available.

SWEP is your long-term business partner. Our commercial guidance and marketing support may also include customer and lead transfer. Get in contact today.