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Oil and gas

Our modular product portfolio enables us to customize brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) for applications such as natural gas evaporation or condensation systems, biogas upgrading, and selective gas component extraction, as well as for the industrial use of gases such as air or carbon dioxide. SWEP BPHEs, with their compactness, high thermal efficiency, easy selection, and short lead time, are superior to Shell & Tube, the historically dominant technology for most of these applications.

Our wide range of BPHEs covers the needs of many types of oil cooling, such as for hydraulic, engine, and transmission oil. The reliability and compactness of our BPHEs are highly valued in oil-cooling applications for engines, windmills, trains, etc., where space for the heat exchanger is limited and access for maintenance restricted. Our large portfolio of BPHEs can cope with various challenges, ranging from extremely viscous transmission oil to copper-free alternatives. Featuring optimized oil channels and high-flow water channels, our AsyMatrix® technology enables systems to be made even smaller.

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